On the website we will be able to select the typology and the quantity of cream we want to make, then we'll choose the cosmetic active ingredients, the vegetable and essential oils, and their concentration.


After the order, the cosmetic will be create in our laboratory following the customer indications, and it will be shipped within a week.


At the moment our portal is under construction. Currently this website only allows to buy on line some superior quality hyaluronic acid at an affordable price.


The website is an open source platform, thus she is opened to every suggestion and creative contribution: do not hesitate to report new cosmetic active ingredients or high efficiency products to be inserted into our portal.

The portal will be soon an app where everyone will be able to create online their own skin cream (facial and body) choosing the organic cosmetic active ingredients and their concentration, to make an unique product.


WIKICOSMETIC ® is consumers-oriented, for those who reads the INCI before buying a product to apply on own skin, meanwhile they don't have the ability, equipments, or, more simply, time to make their own cosmetics.


WIKICOSMETIC ® is for whoever look for a high quality cosmetic, with proven efficiency of the organic cosmetic active ingredients, but especially the possibility of choosing the right concentration of active ingredients which it is very difficult to find in the market.


Indeed, the cosmetic science has long been familiar with the cosmetic active ingredients, which have a real capacity to reduce skin imperfections and to slow down the aging process. However, to achieve visible results it needs both high concentration and good combination of active ingredientsNevertheless, this is almost impossible to be found in current commercial products, even if very expensive.